Front sea (meno di 500m)
Private pool
Shared pool
Access for disabled
TV sat
Hydromassage - Jacuzzi

* Obligatory field

Map of Greece!


The wild and wonderful island of Kalymnos is characterised above all by its dramatic mountains, which draw hardy climbers from all over the world.

Along its western flank in particular, the scenery is utterly spectacular, with the coastal highway lined with pink oleanders and forming a slender strip between steepling crags above and dazzling blue waters below.

Kalymnos is also greener than most of its neighbours, cradling fertile valleys and verdant enclaves. Add the enticing, car-free islet of Telendos, immediately offshore, and you have a compelling destination.

While its sponge-fishing heyday is long past, Kalymnos remains inextricably entwined with the sea. Its turquoise bays hold some delightful beaches, albeit largely pebble rather than sand, while gastronomic treats include octopus in ouzo, and spinialo (devilfish and urchins in sea water)

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